grom card

grom card

What is a GromCard

The GromCard is a pre-paid and rechargeable card that can be purchased in every Grom store around the world,
and is used to make any kind of purchase at our locations
(from a small cone to a 1-kilo container, and from a granita to hot chocolate…)!

How much does it cost?

The GromCard has an initial 20$ minimum, and can be recharged according to one’s preferences.

But… does it expire?

No! The card does not have an expiration date.

Can the card be used in all GROM stores around the world?

The GromCard can be used in any Grom gelateria in the country in which it was purchased.

grom card

A good reason
to have the GromCard?

To avoid having to search through your wallet to find change while struggling to hold your gelato and not taste it right away ...!
It’s a smart and convenient idea, to be used and recharged for Grom store purchases. The GromCard automatically deducts the amount spent and then updates the remaining balance, allowing you to dedicate all your attention to the first taste (which, we know, is always the best!), without having to worry about finding and putting away loose change.