Mura Mura


Mura Mura is the organic farm belonging to Grom's founders, Guido and Federico. The name means "slowly slowly" in Malagasy, the language of Madagascar, and in these 20 hectares lying between the Langhe and Monferrato areas of Piedmont, fruit is grown respecting nature and its rhythms, the air is good to breathe and you can learn a lot about agriculture.


You've probably thought the same thing: fruit doesn't have as much taste as it used to. When Guido and Federico opened their first gelateria, they found themselves facing the same frustrating fact: today's market exalts the appearance of fruit - it's got to be visually appealing to consumers in markets and supermarkets. But if you're a gelato maker and you've decided not to use aromas, this is a problem. And this is how Mura Mura came into being, here we experiment on strawberries, melons, apricots, figs, peaches and pears to find the best cultivars for making gelato. Different varieties are planted, nurtured with the greatest care and then once picked, the fruit goes to Grom's central laboratory, where Guido and our Quality team turn it into sorbets and then do blind tastings on all of them. The varieties giving the best results are planted in greater quantities on the farm for the following season or grown by farmers we've been working with for years so they can be turned into sorbets, lollies and granita.


At Mura Mura we grow peaches, pears, figs and apricots and use none of those products that might be okay if all you do is look at the fruit, but don't do your health any good if you eat it. Here the fruit can ripen on the tree and then be harvested only when the full potential in aromatic terms is reached. Our experience as farmers means we speak a common language with our suppliers and provides an indispensible guide when we buy raw materials.


These days the market tends to favour only the most resistant and profitable varieties of fruit and this has led over the years to the disappearance of many varieties - they mightn't have been much to look at but they each had a unique taste. At the Mura Mura experimental orchard we have more than 80 different types, from the "Tabacchiera" peach to the "Grigia di Torriana" apple, and in this way we can really find out which varieties make the best Grom sorbets, concentrating on the substance and never the appearance .


Mura Mura is open to the public from 1 May to 31 October:
We will take you round ourselves and make sure you have a unique hands-on experience of a kind of farming that is now rare, one that respects our tradition and history: knowing when the compost was ready and keeping bees to pollinate the flowers was neither organic nor marketing, just a simple, intelligent practice of daily life.

mura mura

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