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A dream we've had for some time has finally come true: make real gelateria gelato available outside a gelateria.
Is it possible to make a pre-packed gelato using the best possible ingredients without adding aromas, colouring agents or emulsifiers? Of course it is, it just depends how badly you want to! We did research, we experimented and - let's face it - made some mistakes, but in the end we managed to put pure, authentic Grom gelato in a tub.

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We would like to celebrate May with Vienna's sweetest symbol: the one and only Sacher Cake.
To make this unique flavour we mixed a delicious apricot compote with our famous Ecuador chocolate gelato, topping it all up with mouthwatering gluten free savoiardi biscuits.

Here is the flavor of the month


How's this for another flavoursome idea from Grom - home delivery.
Tell us your favourite flavours and have a container delivered to your door - at the perfect temperature.

our Gelato at your home